Deposits – from Most Countries.

Fees are determined on a monthly basis. The first deposit of each month is free. Subsequent deposits will be charged a portion of the third-party fees that are charged to Traders Allied, as follows:

Inward Remittance
Base Currency Wire Fee
USD 10.00


Traders Allied allows one free withdrawal request every 30 days. After the first withdrawal (of any kind), Traders Allied will charge the fees listed below for any subsequent withdrawal:


Currency Wires
USD 10.00
CAD 15.00
MXN 100.00


Currency Wires
CHF 11.00
CZK 300
DKK 30.00
EUR 8.00
GBP 7.00
HUF 6,000.00
NOK 50.00
RUB 330.00
SEK 50.00


Currency Wires
AUD 15.00
CNH 60.00
HKD 95.00
JPY 1,600.00
NZD 15.00
SGD 15.00
  • Traders Allied withdrawal fees do not cover third-party fees. The account holder will be solely responsible for any fees assessed by a beneficiary or correspondent bank. In addition, processing fees charged by your bank or its correspondent bank, which are not included in Traders Allied withdrawal fees, may be deducted from wire proceeds.