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Trade Orbiter: What is it?

Trader Orbiter is a Trading Application and Reporting Solution destined to clients who opted to have their investment fully managed by their portfolio management team. For the investor, Trade Orbiter is a view-only application, thus no trade decision is required from investors.

Trade Orbiter as a Trading Application collects then analyzes input from market analysts (ex: your advisors) and fundamental data from inter-correlating markets worldwide in order to: 1) predict market trends, 2) product’s price limits, 3) most probable tactical trades (orders) and 4) time to execute these orders.

The Reporting function of the Trade Orbiter allows investors to follow in real time asset allocation and its impact on the account. Also, investors have the ability to review performance of their investment over any historical period of time.

Investor Dashboard

The Dashboard (also the landing page) acts as a summary page of today’s action. It includes product specific prediction for the upcoming session (Predicted high, low and trend), tactical trades (also referred to as market positioning or bracket orders) and indication whether these orders have been entered and/or completed.

Trade Orbiter Predictions

Just like with Trade Mate market predictions, Trade Orbiter predictions consists in telling the anticipated trend in a particular product, its predicted high and low. However, Trade Orbiter predictions are subjected to additional algorithmic checks making these prediction even more accurate and they are always posted before any market opening (trading) hours.

Trade Orbiter Tradebook

Probably the most important aspect in trading is knowing where and when to get in a market position and out of it. Trade Orbiter Tradebook is our market positioning posted before the opening bell which consists of our intended Entry price, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. Most notably, all asset allocation are systematically protected with a Stop Loss.

Your Statement

Investors may review their portfolio and equity in real time and generate historical reports. The Statement page allows investors to see what is currently working in their account.

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